The Pencil Writes Typeface

Handwriting is everything awesome. This typeface is based on my own handwriting--The Pencil Writes! Includes both the regular and italic font variations.

You are purchasing an electronic OpenType Font (.otf) for both the regular and italic variations. This format works on both Windows and Mac computers. The typeface, which contains two files, will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.

License: The license you are purchasing is a desktop license for both personal and commercial use for one user. If you need to buy more than one desktop license or need a webfont license, please contact me. (Read full license.)

What's a desktop license? A desktop license should cover all the things a graphic designer or illustrator may need whether for personal or commercial use. This covers documents, products, logo and branding, broadcast, website and software (so long as it's a fixed size image). One exception would be if you're creating a product where the letters are the product (like an alphabet stamp set). Otherwise, unless you're making an eBook or creating an app where the font is embedded, you're golden.

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