House Portrait Rubber Stamp

A custom address stamp with a drawing of your house! You send me a photo of your house and I draw a miniature version of it for your own return address stamp. Use your stamp all over the place--on your bills, invitations or personal mail! Featuring a custom drawing made of your house in my signature style, the stamp also includes your name and return address.

Details: Wooden rubber stamp made with high-quality red rubber. Stamped design is usually about 2" tall x 2.5" wide. Features solid wood handle with custom illustration of your home.

Estimated Turnaround Time: Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks before a proof of your stamp is sent to you. After approval, please allow 1 week for production of your custom stamp before shipping.

How to Submit Your Photo: After paying for your custom stamp, please email me a photo of the house to info(at)thesmallobject.com. If this is a housewarming gift or you do not have a photo, consider checking Google Street View or Zillow.com as they often have clear straight on photos which will work great. A good picture just needs to be an unobstructed straight on view. If part of the house is masked by a large tree, an additional photo or narrative description of the details behind the tree are helpful for accuracy.

Manufactured out-of-house with the assistance of a Massachusetts based company who laser engraves the rubber used in our original personalized stamp designs.
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