Thumbprint Notecard Set

With this mini stationery kit, it's okay to be all thumbs! Just add your thumb to the ink pad, stickers and step-by-step instructions provided and turn these notecards into one-of-a-kind works of art with a host of charming thumbprint characters giving life to the scenes on each card. This sweet little set is ideal of all kinds of correspondence from children's birthdays to grown-up greetings.

This was beginning of all the thumbprint activity sets! With the fill-in scenes, you can declare a friendly thumb war, sail your thumbprint friends away on birthday balloons or hop your thumb-bunnies through a golden green forest.

Details: This set includes 20 full-color notecards and envelopes, sticker sheet, instructions and ink pad. Approximately 8" x 5" wide. ISBN: 978-0811869645

Manufactured out-of-house, this item is published by Chronicle Books, a San Francisco-based American publisher.
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